Cosmo 2

Our Approach

The Enchanted Bazaar, from its inception, was founded on community. We pride ourselves on seeking the community's input and frequently convene focus groups in order to brainstorm ways of supporting the paths of those we come in contact with

Our Story

With nothing more than an idea, hosting the largest metaphysical and holistic festival in New England, we brought together our first focus group. We passed around notebooks and each person in the circle wrote down whatever came to mind in an effort to name our new organization. One of our founding members, having drawn a complete blank, wrote "Panda". A few minutes later, the notebooks having changed hands a time or two, looked at the page and asked "Panda!? Who the hell wrote Panda?" After a few chuckles and more passing of the paper, The Enchanted Bazaar was born, as was Cosmo Panda.